The funeral of Sam McAlpine

February 1, 1918
The remains of Mr. Sam McAlpine were yesterday interred in Bangor Cemetery, the funeral being largely attended, as the deceased was well known and extremely popular in football circles. The chief mourners were Messrs. Alex William and O. McAlpine (brothers); James and Andrew Murray (brothers-in-law), and J. McAlpine (uncle). Representatives of deceased’s old club, Cliftonville, and other leading Belfast Soccer organisations were included in the mournful procession, while members of the Masonic Craft (deceased was a member of Lodge 746, Bangor) and the Engineers Society were present in large numbers. Rev. Dr Irwin and Rev. J. Pyper, B.A. conducted impressive services at the house, 2 Marguerite Terrace, Rosetts, while Rev. W.J. Currie conducted the service at the graveside.

the funeral arrangements were in the hands of Messrs. Melville & Co. Ltd., and discharged in their customary satisfactory manner.
(Source: Northern Whig: February 2, 1918)

Sam McAlpine passed away on January 29, 1918


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