Notes of some old secretaries

February 2, 1918
Mr. Cuff has held the Everton reins for the past seventeen years. The duration was seemingly rather “elastic.” My city affairs of knowledge, who is not and never has been in any affricated to our local clubs, sends along a few biographical lines, which, he alleges are near the mark;-

Mr. William Cuff is a solicitor, admitted in 1894 having served his auricles with Messrs W.W. Wynne and Sons. He had an office at 16 Lord-street, for some few years and late in the nineties became a director of the Everton Football Club.

He succeeded Mr. R. Molyneux as secretary of the club about the opening of the 1902 season and continued his office in Lord-Street for a short time only after that. Since then he has devoted pretty well all his time to the football club, leaving very little margin for his private legal work.

At one time his salary ran to about – per annual and he was particularly good value for it. When I join the board I shall have a few “words” with someone on the subject, taking my last sentence for the text! There does not seem to be any record of any presentation to Mr. Cuff during his long tenure of office “principal boy” nor even a banquet.

The first secretary of the Liverpool club, was Mr. W.E. Barclay who I understand master of manager of an industrial school. He officiated for the first few years and was succeeded by Mr. John McKenna who acted as secretary for a short time. Mr. Tom Watson was appointed in 1896 at a commencing salary of £250 which was eventually increased to £400. He died on May 6, 1915.

Mr. Simon Jude chartered accountant has been Liverpool’s company secretary since his incorporation. With Everton the company and club secretary ships are merged into one all-embracing office.
(Liverpool Football Echo: February 2, 1918)

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