Easy on paper for Liverpool

February 8, 1918
The man who made up the fixture list for the Lancashire League kept Liverpool and Stoke till precious near the end of the season. That fact has led to a stringing-out of the interest, for Liverpool and Stoke are running “neck and neck,” and Liverpool must be looking for someone to knock a corner off Stoke’s record, for then the engagements between the leaders would probably lead to a victory to Liverpool on goal average.

Latterly Stoke have been leaving their goals till late on, and tomorrow at Old Trafford they will be hard pressed to win. Liverpool playing steadily throughout, should beat Southport, although the Central side has been shuffled since last week.

Liverpool. – A.N. Other, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Robert Waine, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Bennett, Harry Lewis, George Schofield.

Southport Central. – Thomas Capper, Tom Dorward, Smith, Lol Abram, Jimmy Fay, Bert Rigby, Billy Caulfield, Hilton, Crossley, Burke, Rimmer.

Referee: Mr. Arthur Pellowe.
(Liverpool Echo: February 8, 1918)


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