League leaders gain their 18th success

February 9, 1918
At Ash Lane, in rough, rainy weather, and before a small attendance. Both sides were strongly represented. Teams: –
Southport Central: Thomas Capper, Tom Dorward, Smith, Joe Rimmer, Jimmy Fay, Lol Abram, Bert Rigby, Burke, Hilton, Billy Caulfield, Crossley.

Liverpool: Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Robert Waine, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Bennett, Harry Lewis, George Schofield.

Referee: Mr. A Pellowe, Oldham.

The start was delayed in consequence of the wretched weather. When the conditions improved Hilton started against half a gale. The home team, however, were the first to become dangerous, Jenkinson changing the venue with a strong kick. Liverpool got to the other end, were Bennett was given offside. A moment later the same player shot over the bar when well placed.

The visitors forced a corner which was cleared, and the Southport men again had a turn in attack, Fay being prominent with some good work. Wadsworth clearing when hard pressed. Fay left the field injured, but returned after a short absence, an shortly afterwards Lewis retired hurt.

Southport were playing a great game against the wind, and Liverpool were by no means having all their own way. Doward stopped several strong rushes, and Smith was applauded for a brilliant piece of defensive work. Lewis returned, and signalized his reappearance by a dashing run.

The visitors received great assistance from the wind, but the Sandgrounders defended stubbornly. Lewis shot wildly over the bar, and the pressure on the Southport goal was relieved. A heavy storm broke and greatly interfered with the play, which was of an interesting character considering the conditions.

Half-time: Southport Central 0, Liverpool 0.

After the interval Southport broke away, and Hilton shot over the bar. Liverpool attacked, and Bennett scored after receiving a pass from Waine.

The Central then had a turn on the aggressive, but Logworth sent them back. The game proceeded in ding-dong fashion, each end being visited in turn. Schofield, after a brilliant burst, over-ran the ball. Southport were awarded a free kick for a foul on Abram. Southport attacked, and Campbell was called upon to save his charge on many occasions. Abram played a fine defensive game, and several times broke up the Liverpool forwards.

Liverpool made a burst and Lewis scored their second point, Bennett a little later adding the third. Burke scored for Southport a few minutes before the finish.

Result: Liverpool 3, Southport 1.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post, February 9, 1918)


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