Liverpool well in the championship race

February 11, 1918
Central made a plucky attempt to stave off double defeat at the hands of the powerful Anfielders. And for the first half, in the face of a full gale, they succeeded in preventing the Liverpool forwards from getting through. In the second period, however, when the wind, curiously enough, had abated much of its tempestuous violence, Tommy Bennett and company gave practical proof of their superiority by netting three times.

Bennett took up the thread of his goal-getting narrative by notching the first after an exciting struggle before Thomas Capper’s charge, and Harry Lewis followed suit with a second one which quite deceived the home custodian. The third was the result of well-nigh perfect football of a well-ordered and properly-combined character, Bennett’s final effort being in the colloquialism of the code, “a beauty.” Just on time Southport rallied valiantly, and Burke reduced the lead with a desperate effort.

Among the spectators was Jack Kirwan, the former Southport, Everton, Tottenham and Chelsea forward. Since he gave up leather-chasing he has been coaching others in the art at Berlin, Dublin, Budapest, and Amsterdam. He was on the continent in pursuit of his calling when war was declared, but managed to get to England in safety. At present he is domiciled in London, but for the sake of his wife and children he is anxious to live a quieter life.

Harry Lewis, it may be mentioned, was damaged through collision with the stalwart Tom Dorward, and subsequently had to be medically attended two stitches being put into his chin.
(Liverpool Echo: February 11, 1918)


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