Ernest Peake’s disclaimer

February 19, 1918
Ernest Peake, the Welsh international, formerly with the Liverpool club, writes me as follows: –

“Being a constant reader of your paper. I should like to draw your attention to a report of a match in your edition of the 12th. I noticed that I was credited with the scoring of three goals in the match R.E. (Portbury) v H.M. Factory (Avonmouth), in the Bristol County Combination.

“There must be some error, as I have not kicked a ball for the past two years – being engaged in Liverpool and time not permitting.

“Believe me to be a lover of your paper. –
“Yours, & c., Ernest Peake.”

This is evidently one more case of some player unwarrantable adopting another footballer’s name.
(Athletic News / Sporting Chronicles: February 19, 1918)