Will Bob Whittingham make the Stoke team?

February 28, 1918
From a Stoke authority yesterday gathered that the club and Bob Whittingham are making earnest endeavour to arrange for the name of Whittingham to be included in the Stoke eleven. Whittingham, as you know, has been in the army some weeks, and is desperately keen on taking part in the great championship match at Anfield.

At the moment nothing more definite can be stated than that Stoke expect to have his help. If this comes all trumps, Stoke will be at full strength, and will make Liverpool go all the way. There can be no denying the value of the old Chelsea man, and the very presence of the man would greatly help Stoke, no matter whether he was in form or otherwise.

Mr. George Patterson, the Liverpool secretary, has some official announcements to make. The gates will be opened at two o’clock, the kick-off being 3.30, of course. A Birkenhead band will while away the waiting moments, and soldiers must note the new course to be adopted by the club for this match.

Wounded soldiers – that is to say, badly-wounded service men, will go to the Anfield Road stand, but walking cases must enter the ground by the back – Rockfield Road entrance. A collection will be made for footballs for Tommies.
(Liverpool Echo: February 28, 1918)


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