A fat receipt at the Liverpool v Stoke match

March 5, 1918
The takings were £1,520 19s., and the attendance is estimated at 43,000. These figures do not constitute a record, the mid-week match with West Ham being better, of course. The crush on Spion Kop, due to corner-pieces becoming congested, led one soldier to write me that he has been in many tight corners in France, but never in a tighter corner than Anfield!

Read his letter:
“I, along with a few more wounded soldier chums, went to Anfield. We arrived at the ground at 2.40 p.m., but found we could not procure a seat in the stand, but managed to get inside the enclosure after a stern fight round the different gates. After ten minutes play we found ourselves sandwiched among thousands. Liverpool were pressing hard, the crowd swayed, and my chum and I were laid low. Barriers gave way. We got away from the slopes, but found we couldn’t get out, as the gates were all closed, and no one there to let us “poor devils” free. We managed out after sprawling through the turnstiles.

“I have been to many a football match, but have never been in anything the like of the Liverpool game. I have been to a game where nearly 130,000 witnessed the play, and no trouble there.

“The barrier that gave way was absolutely rotten. The others may be the same. The Board of Trade should test all barriers, &c., to see if they are fit to hold the same crowd again.

“All big grounds should copy Hampden or Ibrox Park, Glasgow, where emergency passages lead to the slopes. Not one passage is to be seen at Anfield.

“I have been in many a tight corner out in France, but Saturday’s plight beats the lot. – Yours, &c.

Gold Bars.”
(Source: Liverpool Echo: March 5, 1918)

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