Jim Harrop re-visits Anfield

Friday, May 3 – 1918
The inter-visits of Sheffield and Mersey sides are very interesting, and to-morrow, when the famous old Wednesday club visits Anfield to contest with Liverpool, another big crowd should assemble to see a keen match. It will be interesting to see how Liverpool fare against the Midland Section team, and especially interesting will it be to renew acquaintance with Jim Harrop, the dark-haired header, who for many years played for Liverpool, and subsequently went to Villa with Sam Hardy.

Maybe you have forgotten how Harrop came to be found by Liverpool. The story has been told before, but so long is it since Wednesday or Harrop came near us that many must have forgotten it. Mr. John Fare, together with other officials of the Anfield Club, went scouting, and the man they sought turned out to be a loser. Their journey was not wasted, as they had opportunity of seeing Harrop, whose form made a deep impression. Harrop was signed, and soon made good.

If he has a fault it is a moodiness, and I am not at one with those who think that he does too much heading of the ball, although I am not a lover of heading when footing is possible. The appearance of another Wednesday stalwart, Tom Brittleton, is sure to have its effect on the gate, and altoghether the War Fund match promises to draw a big crowd and create a deal of good football, while Glennon and Brum’s Womack are “personals” worth watching.

Liverpool. – Connell; Longworth, Jenkinson; Bamber, Robertson, MacKinlay; Beattie, Green, Bennett, Metcalf, Schofield.

Liverpool v. Sheffield W., at Anfield, To-morrow (Saturday), at 3.30. Admission 8d. Stands Extra.
(Liverpool Echo, 03-05-1918)

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