Liverpool v Sheffield Wednesday 0-0 (Charity match: May 4, 1918)

May 4, 1918
Match, benefit for the Footballers’ War Fund, at Anfield.
Liverpool – Sheffield Wednesday 0-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 10,000.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Billy Connell; Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson; John Bamber, Alex Robertson, Donald Mackinlay; Dick Birchall, Thomas Green, Tommy Bennett, Arthur Metcalf, George Schofield.
Sheffield Wednesday (2-3-5): Summers; Stapleton, Peach; Brittleton, Jim Harrop, Smith; Pearson, Birkinshaw, Salt, Glennon, Spratt.

The football served up at Anfield was quite good. One does not expect footballers to break their necks, as it were, over a charity game, but we do like to see some tricky football and footwork that is not commonplace. If a player cannot oblige us in this respect in these days he’s no class player, because, as things reign now, he has a chance to steady himself, and can think out moves hither and thither.

Anfield certainly gave us plenty of pretty football and Liverpool were superior in that respect; in fact, they failed to win solely through their refusal to shoot when the wind helped them.

Still, the footwork made up for that loss, and Bennett’s runs, Green’s volleying over his head, together with his nippy heading tit-bits, not to mention Schofield’s diddling runs and safe centres, Longworth’s “cut in” – sure and certain – and Jenkinson’s excellent defence – all these things counted much and one could add more to them – say Mackinlay’s game and Bickerstaffe’s safe keeping. This latter boy is tall, confident, picks up clean, and one save alone would be adjudged worthy of many trials. He has played for the A team many times, and has earned good report throughout.

It is just wonderful how Liverpool “slight” on goalkeepers, isn’t it? And they never pay a fancy price for them either.
(Liverpool Echo, 06-05-1918)

** Note that Liverpool Echo a few days later corrected that Connell was the goalkeeper, and not Bickerstaffe – mentioned in the report.

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