Liverpool at Goodison Park

Friday, May 17 – 1918
To-morrow, at Anfield, the big local Derby game between Everton and Liverpool will be played for the benefit of the National Footballers’ War Fund. In two very string sides one notes the return of Private Waine. I hope the crowd will be worthy the occasion. Everton and Liverpool meetings have for years been a pattern of cleanliness and keen spirit, and to-morrow’s game starting at 3.30, will be no exception.
Team, Liverpool. – Connell; Longworth, Jenkinson; Bamber, Wadsworth, Mackinlay; Private Waine, Green, Bennett, Lewis, Schofield.

Everton v. Liverpool, at Goodison Park, to-morrow (Saturday), 3.30. Admission 8d (Stands Extra).
(Liverpool Echo, 17-05-1918)

NOTE: There is a typo in the start of the text. Match was being played at Goodison Park.

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