Everton v Boxers 4-2 (Charity match: May 20, 1918)

May 20, 1918
Match: Benefit for the Milton Shilling Fund, at Goodison Park.
Everton – Boxers 4-2 (2-0).
Attendance: 5,000. Gate receipts: £70.
Everton (2-3-5): Billy Connell (Liverpool); Stott, Billy Robinson; Cotter, Tom Fleetwood, Alan Grenyer; Williamson, Ernie Gault, Tommy Bennett (Liverpool), Dick Birchall, Battersby.
Boxers (2-3-5): Johnny Best; Tommy Burns, Dick Hanson; Arthur Grimshaw, Jim Harris, William Macdonald; Butcher Moore, Libby Penny, Tancy Lee, Charlie Hardcastle, Jack Hanlon.
The goals: 1-0 Bennett, 2-0 Bennett, 3-0 Bennett, 3-1 Lee, 3-2 Macdonald, 4-2 Battersby.

From the kick-off, it was plainly seen that Everton were toying with their opponents and after some sterling combination Bennett notched the first point for the rivals of only last Saturday.

Birchall and Battersby were always in the picture and their combination had the hectic footballers guessing. In fact all Everton’s forwards indulged in trick footwork when in front of goal and the Boxers defenders were sadly puzzled.

Bennett was in his element today, for when the whole forward line had tried individual attempts at goal. It was his shot that finally went past Johnny Best, who by the way, was keeping quite a good goal in spite of the rather big task allotted to him.

The Boxers broke through several times but only one was Connell tested –it was a stinger from Libby Penny. Just before the interval Tancy Lee not to be outdone by Bennett and company, indulged in some tricky touches and when tackled ended his performance with a neat back-heel touch to Jim Harris.

Half-time came with two goals to Everton’s credit and both from the ever alert Bennett.

In the second half the Boxers opened strongly and Tancy Lee tried several shots which Connell easily disposed of Everton they took a tumble to themselves and again raided the Boxers half and indulged in some most pattern weaving.

Connell feeling so safe that he retired to the touch-line to have a chat with some of the spectators.

Tancy Lee was perhaps the best of the Boxers forwards, but no doubt he is a deal better knock-out than the kick-out. Bennett was again in the picture and through the medium of his head again got past Johnny Best.

From the centre all Everton’s players stood still, while the Boxers forwards romped through with the ball and even then it took several attempts to beat Connell. Tancy Lee was the scorer and on the run of play he deserved his rather easy success.

After this success the Boxers took new heart and broke through the Everton vanguard with good success. From a scrimmage in front of goal they emerged triumphant, Macdonald easily beating Connell.

Everton now had the best of the play, and when in front of goal did not try to score. After some intricate footwork and splendid combination, Battersby easily converted a ball from close range and full time came with the score 4-2.

Final Everton 4, Boxers 2.
(Liverpool Echo, 20-05-1918)

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