Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1917-18

June 8, 1918
Liverpool F.C. had a merry time financially, thanks to loyal support and the excellent form of their players. The main points about their balance-sheet, issued this morning, are the gate receipts of £8,000, the entertainment tax of the best part of £2,000, and percentage of gate receipts paid away (£1,000), as compared with a sum of £500 received from “away” matches. The annual meeting will be held on June 19, and the retiring directors, Messrs. William Coward Briggs, John Keating, and Albert Worgan, offer themselves for re-election.

The main items of the sheet read thus: –
AGM 1918 expenditure

AGM 1918 income

AGM 1918 balance sheet assets

AGM 1918 liabilities

Signed on behalf of the Board.
John McKenna, William Robert Williams – Directors.

Report of the auditors.
In accordance with the provisions of the Companies Acts, 1908 and 1913, we report t the shareholders as follows: –
“We have examined the above balance-sheet, and have obtained all the information and explanations we have required. In our opinion such balance-sheet is properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state of the company’s affairs according to the best of our information and the explanations given to us, and as shown by the books of the company. We have inspected the deeds of the land belonging to the company, not subject to mortgage, as well as the war investment securities which are deposited with the company’s bankers.”

“A sum of £62 2/3 was realised on behalf of local war fund from practice game. Collections made on the ground for the benefit of the Army and Navy football and other funds reached £253 4/4. These amounts have been paid over to the respective treasurers.”

“A sum of £116 14/5 returned to the company by the Football League for appropriation to charitable purposes, has been remitted to the Football National War Fund. The foregoing items are not included in the company’s profit and loss account.”

Simon Jude & West (Chartered Accountants Auditors).
10, Cook-street, Liverpool, June 1, 1918.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 8, 1918; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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