The Football League: The annual meeting of 1918

July 15, 1918
Mr. John McKenna presided over the annual meeting of the Football League in Manchester this afternoon.
On the motion of the president a message of sympathy was sent to Mr. John James Bentley, hoping he would soon recover from his illness.
Mr. McKenna said he thought it was a matter for congratulations that all clubs last season completed the obligation they entered upon. On many occasions it had, no doubt, been an uphill fight for many clubs. The loyalty of the players was most remarkable.
It was a most difficult year, for the had enemies outside the game who tried to do it every possible harm.
There was cause for congratulation, continued the chairman, in the creation of a large fund to help footballers, and their dependents who might suffer, which was now about £10,000 (hear, hear); but much more money would be required.

The question of football next season was the considered.
Mr. McKenna said no resignation had been received, and the Management Committee had consequently left it for the meeting to decide.
Mr. Fairclough, of Huddersfield, suggested that they should start a competition in September, to be continued until Christmas, and then if peace had arrived they might start a Cup competition.
It was decided , with only two dissentients, to continue the game next season.
A long discussion took place on the suggested grouping of clubs.
By 24 votes to 4 it was decided to continue playing during last season, with the same grouping of clubs.
(Liverpool Echo: July 15, 1918)

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