Young and old at Anfield

August 23, 1918
The interest shown in common or garden trial games proves that the city is still heart and soul in football. It is plain that Liverpool will again hold its head high as the English city of football. Of course, personality in team-sheets makes for football attendances. Tell the public that a Buchan is visiting, and they will roll up. So it is with Merseyside football. The situation of the city and its shipping work enable the Mersey clubs to have a distinct advantage over all other, save the Midland, clubs, and it is right that we should expect Everton and Liverpool to fare well these days.

Liverpool, with a regular goalkeeper and an outside right who does not make difficulties for himself, should be a better-framed side than last season. To-morrow will give us the first chance to weigh up that belief. The first team selection is as usual save that Wadsworth, junior, is at outside right. With a keen eye on increasing speed, Wadsworth, junior, should have a capital season.

The reserve ranks show few new names, but I hear good accounts of Bickerstaffe (goal), Birchall, and Phillips. The last named is a boy of 17, who made his name through school games, and has since progressed in the right direction. Robertson, like Green, is a discharged soldier, and Cross, who helped Burnley and Liverpool last season, has a way with him that stamps him as a very likely lad. See for yourself to-morrow at Anfield from 3.30 onward.

Teams: – Reds: Billy Connell; Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson; John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay; Harold Wadsworth, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Bennett, Harry Lewis, and George Schofield.
Stripes: Bickerstaffe; Hewitt, Jimmy Stansfield; Roberts, Alex Robertson, Hughes; Thomas Green, Ben Cross, Hale, Dick Birchall, Reg Phillips.
(Liverpool Echo: August 23, 1918)

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