Season preview 1918/19: Preston North End F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post)

August 31, 1918
Locally, at Deepdale, the personnel of the side will differ, and several men now no longer available will be badly missed, men such as Billy Cook and Thomas Threlfall – the latter is in the Royal Engineers and training in the South – at back.

Horace Barnes and William Swarbrick at half-back, and John Edmondson – wounded and in Scotland – Leeds, and George Barlow forward. In addition Benny Green, one of the most promising of the younger school, has joined up, along with Potter and Strickland. Still a number of those who did such excellent service last winter are again at command, and a useful side should be made up from recruits.

For instance Arthur Causer will again be able to keep goal with Gaskell as understudy, and Goddard can play most matches in front of him, while Roy Kilner will lend his help, and if Jack Smith, the old Reading back, still at Ormskirk, can be persuaded to appear, the defence should be good enough for most calls, especially as recruits in H.G. Ashworth, of Morecambe, who was last season with Southampton, and A. Wilkinson, of Carnforth, have been highly recommended.

Eddie Holdsworth, too, remains, with McGuire, and the newcomers include a centre-half in G. Parkin, of Lancaster, who has played with Hyde, and a Lancaster colleague in J. Tattersall, left half, once of Rochdale. For the attack William Clifton, John Hosker, and William Lavery are still available, and both John Morley and James Smith, the Fulham forward, have promised to again play, while an old centre of the club’s will in all probability lead the line and bring skill to it.

In the background, too, are Albert Singleton, a centre, of Fleetwood, and George Harrison, an inside right who has figured with West Ham, as well as Abbott, of Lancaster, who played in several games last season with the Rovers. Altogether, therefore, the club does not look like being short of players.
(Lancashire Evening Post: August 31, 1918)


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