Easy 5-1 victory for Liverton

September 2, 1918
This excellent scheme for charitable fund drew a good-sized crowd to Walton, and yielded much good football and some artistry that tickled the palate of the crowd. The storm which broke over the city at night – added to the difficulty of tram service – did not improve the outlook for the game, but those who were present had plenty of goals for their money and much sport. Tom Page led the goal-scoring episodes with a real one, and Bennett equalised. Later Wattie Wadsworth made a corner good for a goal, and Lewis and Bennett added goals. Result: Everton and Liverpool 5-1, but the disparity between the sides was not felt till after the interval. It was a pity George Schofield wrenched his knee, for the beauty of the left flank was thereby ruined. However, Chedgzoy and Jefferis recompensed with fascinating footwork, and progressed by unusual methods – half the charm of the game.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: September 2, 1918)

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