Liverpool welcomes Rochdale to Anfield

September 6, 1918
To-morrow sees the send-off of another football season in war-time. We will not waste time over the necessity of football in war-time – the Army knows it, and acknowledges the value of sports of all kinds in war-time. Let us get right away to our football recreative power. Anfield is the scene of the next game, and, strangely enough, while Rochdale was the team we centred our eves upon last back-end, they now come before us at the first fence.

Rochdale of a surety do better against the classy side than they do against the kick-and-rush team. They have upset Liverpool’s calculations on two occasions when points were quite vital – you will remember that they put paid to Liverpool’s unbeaten register – and last season bore off honours in games with Liverpool and Stoke.

There is not much change in their side, O’Connell, the Sheffielder; Smith, clever winger; Billy Halligan, a man not fashionable, but a man I would have on my side, and such names recurring. It should be a capital exhibition of rousing football, and the ground will be all-suitable for football.

Liverpool. – Billy Connell, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Harold Wadsworth, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Bennett, Harry Lewis, George Schofield.
(Liverpool Echo: September 6, 1918)

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