No trouble for Liverpool

September 10, 1918
Liverpool, as is their wont, had a sleepy period, and it seems to me that I shall have to lend the club my trusty alarm clock, which will force anything or anybody from a gentle sleep. After the second half had been started Kenneth Campbell, whose left arm seems to trouble him considerably, made a dive after a seemingly impossible save – you who were present at the military international will recall a save that was like unto Saturday’s – and even that great feature didn’t waken the home side. Understand me aright: I don’t find pleasure in any weak club being put through a mill of goals, but remember that at this point Liverpool led by one goal only, and were careless about their chances.

Port Vale made strenuous efforts to steal an equaliser through Harold Edgley – now he retains the Villa mark in back-heeling – Albert Pearson, and Worthy, till finally Tommy Bennett went forward. When he advances down the middle trouble must accrue. So Bennett added to his goals, and Harry Lewis (aided by a wretched bit of fielding by Powell, whose only blunder it was in a heavy and successful day’s work) and Arthur Metcalf carried on the good work. So Liverpool won 4-0.
(Liverpool Echo: September 10, 1917)

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