Liverpool v Preston North End 8-0 (League match: September 21, 1918)

September 21, 1918
Key note: “The game will be remembered for some time for the persistence of Mackinlay’s drive. Not only did he score twice, but he hit the woodwork of the goal no fewer than three times. Is it not surprising, therefore, that he found time to fall foul of a winger and the referee? It is a pity, too, for Mackinlay broke the rules and did not mend a reputation that has stood for good clean football. There was a lot of dangerous play on Saturday – leg throwing in the best term I can use – and it is to be hoped that in future this will be cut right out. All readers know my opinion of Mackinlay’s work: Long before he was allowed to be anything more than a “stand by who could and would play anywhere” I claimed his inclusion in the senior side, and his value to the club had never been lost since he found regular representation in the first side. He hits the ball with ferocious force, and commands the ball as though it were tied to his boot. Metcalf’s goal was a bonny one, worth special mention, and, of course, the whole team was without flaw against a side that was forced to put a forward at full-back. Causer, one-time Stockport and Glossop, did well to keep the score from reaching double figures. Other than that there is little to be said for Preston whose centre half, Holdsworth, shone – but not in the manner he has been wont to. The question seems to be, ‘Who can stop our Mersey sides, saves themselves?’ Of course, the answer may be found on Saturday week, when the local Derby is to be played.” (Liverpool Echo: September 23, 1918)

Match: Lancashire Section, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30.
Liverpool – Preston North End 8-0 (3-0).
Attendance: 16,000.
Referee: Mr. H. Churnside.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Billy Connell, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Harold. Wadsworth, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Bennett, Harry Lewis, George Schofield.
Preston North End (2-3-5): Causer; Lavery, Goddard; Robinson, Eddie Holdsworth, McGuire; Hosker, Harrison, Morris, Pendlebury, Eastham.
The goals:
1-0 Metcalf (20 min.), 2-0 Lewis (35 min.), 3-0 H. Wadsworth (42 min.), 4-0 Mackinlay (48 min.), 5-0 Bennett (50 min.), 6-0 Bennett (70 min.), 7-0 Mackinlay (77 min.), 8-0 Bennett (82 min.).


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