Teams for the Derby match

October 2, 1918
The Liverpool and Everton teams for Saturday’s great encounter are now available, and make interesting reading.

In Everton’s front line Harrison again plays, and with Miller again at outside right, Donnachie stand downs. These are the only changes and after a careful survey of the respective sides.

I have come to the conclusion that Liverpool will win by three goals to one.

The chosen teams are: –
Liverpool: Billy Connell; Ephraim Longsworth, Billy Jenkinson; John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinley; Harold Wadsworth, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Bennett, Harry Lewis, George Schofield.
Everton: Frank Mitchell; Bob Thompson, Robinson; Tom Fleetwood, Billy Wareing, Alan Grenyer; Miller, Frank Jefferis, Ernie Gault, Joe Clennell, George Harrison.
(Evening Express: October 2, 1918)

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