Liverpool beat Port Vale and John McKenna intervened

Monday, April 4 – 1918
The principal feature of the match between Liverpool and Burslem Port Vale, at Hanley, was a piquant little incident, probably without precedent in the annals of modern football. The referee Mr. Holland, had played forty minutes when he signalled half-time, and turned the teams round for the second half.

Before they could start, however, Mr. John McKenna, President of the League, who occupied a seat on the principal stand, intervened. Calling to the referee, he publicly pointed out to him that no instructions had been issued as to the curtailment of play. Mr. Holland replied that he rival captains had agreed to this course. Mr. McKenna retorted that they had no power to do so, and the players were promptly put “as you were” and the remaining five minutes duly played out.

The game itself was rather a tame affair, rarely rising above mediocrity. The Anfielders were always the better side, but they failed to make anything like the best of their opportunities, and were content to score a goal in each half.

The first of these came from Lewis, who put in a lot of good work, and the second was a magnificent shot on the part of Green, who was one of the liveliest of the forward line. All the halves played well, and the defence was sound. Result: Liverpool 2, Burslem nil.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 04-11-1918)

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