Liverpool conquered Oldham

December 2, 1918
Liverpool further strengthened their position in the League tournament by helping themselves to a couple of points at the expense of Oldham at Boundary Park. The game proved a keen and vigorous exhibition, in which both sides showed stamina rather than science.

Nevertheless, there was no lack of stirring episode, and victory finally rested with the smarter side. Neither set of forwards quite did themselves full justice, though the Anfielders showed profitable improvement as the contest proceeded. Both their goals, one from the foot and the other from the head of Thomas Green, were thoroughly well deserved.

A ding-dong first half concluded with a clean sheet, the home side having been slightly more dangerous at close quarters than their opponents.

On turning round, the visitors became less erratic in their shooting, and Green, having been put on-side by the full-back, opened with a rattling shot that beat Matthews.

The second point was secured from a timely centre by Harry Lewis who throughout was one of the best forwards on the field, Green heading the ball into the corner of the net.

David Wilson, the home centre, tried hard to redeem matters, but he was always well held by the Anfield halves, who were truly the backbone of the team.

Reg Phillips made a promising debut as outside left. He has both speed and judgment, and should come on.
(Liverpool Echo: December 2, 1918)

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