The case of Liverpool F.C. captain (Ephraim Longworth)

December 5, 1918
Many times and oft have people inquired about Ephraim Longworth, Liverpool’s captain. He has been unable to follow is employment till this week through the bad kick he received in the local Derby game. He is barely able to carry on his work through the egg formation on the back of his leg, but he may be seen out in a fortnight or so.

In the meantime Liverpool continue with Sam Speakman, and, in truth, their later-day record is such that they are no inclined to make change, the team for the home match (2.30) versus Oldham being the same as last week.

Thus we shall see Reg Phillips on the wing for the first time in senior circles at Anfield. The boy as a beautiful physique, a good turn of speed, strength and sense, and he is well guided by a father who does not let his partnership towards Liverpool overrun his discretion.

I have always contended that a schoolboy needed an intermediary step – between leaving school time and senior football time. But war time has brought us a younger generation in class circles, and the need now is chiefly for a boy to be taught how to keep his head and how to improve his football at all times.

Phillips has certainly been blessed with a father who will truly govern his boy, and the boy will some day be thankful that his father held the reins.

Team against Oldham: William Scott; Sam Speakman, Billy Jenkinson; John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay; Harold Wadsworth, Arthur Metcalf, Thomas Green, Harry Lewis, Reg Phillips.
(Liverpool Echo: December 5, 1918)

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