Southern League to join the Football League?

Tuesday, December 17 – 1918
A meeting of the Southern League was held in London yesterday afternoon, Mr. Darnell presiding over a big attendance. The first business was the consideration of re-starting the League in September next. The West Ham delegate proposed that they should approach the English League with a view to amalgamation, and said that if they only had the Southern League they would be going back twenty years. The chairman said they might be asked to form a third division of the English League, but this was not at all favoured. Eventually it was decided that the Management Committee be instructed to apply to the English League as to what terms could be offered the Southern League to become members. It was stated that nineteen clubs were available from the Southern League, and all promised to play. The possibility of a competition for the second half of the season was mentioned, but nothing was done. The question of players working and their pay was adjourned until after the F.A. had come to some decision.
(Liverpool Echo, 18-12-1918)


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