Can Liverpool catch their neighbours?

December 20, 1918
Liverpool, who are at home to Blackburn Rovers to-morrow, are not far behind their Everton neighbours, and they honestly believe that they have just a fair chance of catching up to them. Said one official of the Anfield brigade: “We were caught on the post by Stoke last season, and I am following precedent when I say that Everton will have their work cut out in their engagements with Stockport and Rochdale.” Certainly the horses-for-courses theory works out remarkably – if not remarkably well – where football is concerned.

Liverpool, ever somewhat of an uncertain team when appearing against seemingly inferior sides, will not have to let one point slip by if they are to catch the unbeaten team of the League. At Blackburn last Saturday a goal was the margin, and the Rovers, who had whipped up a good side (including Morris, the Preston terror), came out of the ordeal with a narrow verdict. To-morrow, at Anfield, we shall renew acquaintance with the Schofield-Lewis combine, and that in itself is something of a football treat which is looked forward to.

Liverpool. – William Scott, Sam Speakman, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Harold Wadsworth, Arthur Metcalf, Thomas Green, Harry Lewis, George Schofield.

Liverpool v. Blackburn Rovers, at Anfield, to-morrow (Saturday), kick off 2.30. Admission 8d, Boys 4d (including tax). Stands extra.
(Liverpool Echo: December 20, 1918)

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