Player news

John Miller to make his Liverpool debut

December 27, 1918
Liverpool and Burnley, at Anfield, will draw the good followers of the Anfield side. Burnley are ever a team to be reckoned with in normal times, and you have probably noticed latterly that a number of their 1914 Cup side v. Liverpool have returned to the Burnley flock, and the side has consequently come into more prominence. Liverpool will find they have to face men of the calibre of Bert Freeman, Billy Nesbit, Dick Lindley, perhaps the sprinting back, David Taylor, and Teddy Hodgson. That is good enough to ensure that

Liverpool will have to put forward their best shooting foot if they are to win.
Liverpool:Wm. Scott; Speakman, Jenkinson; Bamber, W. Wadsworth, Mackinlay.
Liverpool’s forwards will be selected from Miller (of Hamilton, and a brother of Tommy Miller, who is now out of the Army and in Liverpool), H. Wadsworth, Metcalf, Cross, Lewis, Phillips, and Schofield.

Liverpool v. Burnley, at Anfield, to-morrow (Saturday); kick off 2.30. Admission 8d, boys 4d (including tax), Stands extra.
(Liverpool Echo: December 27, 1918)

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