Football League meeting (January 6, 1919)

January 6, 1919
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held at Birmingham on Monday to consider the question of extra allowance to players. Mr. John McKenna (Liverpool) presided.

The official report stated that at next Monday’s meeting at Manchester each club in connection with the Football League will be invited to bring two players, the captain of the team, if possible, and another, as representing the players, in order to have explained to them and to discus the present financial position of football and the possibilities of further increase to players. This action is being taken in order to show the players and the public that the clubs will keep faith with the players, and that as far as possible fair and adequate remuneration will be given to the players.

At the same meeting a proposal by the Blackpool Club for the enlargement of the season and increase of the League will be considered.

The committee also received a deputation from the Southern League to ask the Management Committee of the Football League to consider alternative proposals for the amalgamation or fusion of the Southern League with the Football League. The deputation consisted of Messrs. S. Brown (Crystal Palace), J.H. Fielding (Queen’s Park), A.F. Birch (Brentford) and A.J. Darnell (vice-president of the Southern League). Mr. Goodwin (Brighton) and Mr. Bulpitt (Southampton) were unable to attend.

It was officially stated at the close that the one proposal put forward was that the present Southern League should form a Third Division of the Football League, the alternative being that the Second Division of the Football League should be enlarged to 40 clubs, and divided geographically into northern and southern sections.

The deputation had formed no views as to the matters of details, which could well be left for future arrangement, but, of course, there must be, in case of a Third Division, promotion and relegation on lines to be hereafter adjusted.

As the Management Committee of the League had arranged for a meeting of its clubs to be held in Manchester on Monday next, it was decided that the proposals of the Southern League should be submitted to the meeting for their decision. Meanwhile the Southern League will put any further details of their scheme that they wish presenting to the meeting in writing.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: January 7, 1919)

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