Liverpool v Southport Vulcan 3-0 (League match: January 11, 1919)

January 11, 1919
Key note: “The Anfield game was a ‘best,’ because it was so hard. If W.T. Roberts, the crack scorer had not left the field at half-time through a shoulder blade injury Liverpool might have been languishing under a defeat. As it was the Liver for once played above his adversary when the latter was in a difficulty and bright goals to Lewis and Tom Page (two for the latter) made the issue safe. Everyone was interested in the appearance of Matthews, the soldier-sport. Everyone, however, was not disposed to be kind towards him, judging by some of the remarks made. Why a football partisan cannot allow a young fellow a reasonable chance to settle down is beyond my process of working out. The facts outstanding in the case of the newcomer were these. Here was a boy new to senior football, acting on a ground that was against his quick movement and against good shooting, and up against him a half-back certainly dubbed rightly as ‘one of the best generals in the land.” Yet Matthews did many passing turns to his wings during the day, and his slow-looking booting of the ball with the left foot reminded of one McLuckie, of Bury and Aston Villa. Matthews knows the game, and those who descried him on Saturday can have to rue their judgment. Matthews did well if only for his strength of heading, so uncommon in all centre forwards, except Hampton and Quinn – and the left foot shot, keeping low, is sure to be deadly. Just let him settle down and enjoy going that does not cause the ball to cut off at a tangent, and you will see whether he can play football.” (Liverpool Echo: January 11, 1919)

Match: Lancashire Primary Competition, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:30.
Liverpool – Southport Vulcan 3-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 20,000.
Referee: Mr. H. Churnside.
Liverpool (2-3-5): William Scott, John Page, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Alex Robertson, Donald Mackinlay, John Miller, Tom Page, Billy Matthews, Harry Lewis, George Schofield.
Southport Vulcan (2-3-5): Tommy Capper, Tom Dorward, William Garner, E. Roberts, Jimmy Fay, Sid Bowser, Bunting, Caulfield, W.T. Roberts, Turner, George Barlow.
The goals: 1-0 Lewis (48 min.), 2-0 T. Page (70 min.), 3-0 T. Page (78 min.).

Tom Page (Joint Everton and Liverpool Programme: February 21, 1914).


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