Conference of the F.A. and the Football League (January 14, 1919)

January 14, 1919
A conference between representatives of the Football Association, the Football League, the Southern League, and the London Combination was held in London last night. Mr. John Charles Clegg presiding. The proceedings lasted about three hours, and the following decisions were arrived at, but will not be operative until confirmed by a full meeting of the Football Association Council, which will be called for January 27.

(1) The restrictions that no remuneration shall be paid to players be withdrawn, and for the remainder of the season clubs may make such financial arrangements with the players as they desire.
(2) The registration of professional players shall commence on May 1st.
(3) The restriction providing that arrangements for players after April 30th shall be suspended is withdrawn.
(4) The regulations permitting clubs to join any combination of clubs which may be convenient to them shall be continued until the end of the season.
(5) The following restriction is withdrawn. – That matches be played only on Saturday afternoons and on early closing and other recognised holidays.
(6) With regard to he FA Challenge Cup all clubs desiring exemption from the qualifying competitions must enter before May 1st, and the last day for entry shall be extended to July 1st, 1919.
(7) That the season shall be extended, and shall commence on August 15th and close on May 15th in each year.

It will be remembered that the players at Manchester’s momentous meeting put out a feeler that £2 a week should be their lot. It was known at the time, but now the “Sporting Chronicle” points out that once again Mr. Charles Sutcliffe had a scheme up his sleeve, and that the scheme met with approval. His idea was to centre upon the help-one-another principle, for which the Football League was first founded.

Mr. Sutcliffe came to the conclusion that certain clubs could pay £4 a week, others £3 10s, £3, £2 10s, £2, and £1 10s, while the poorer clubs on their season’s gates could scarcely afford the £1 they were at present paying.

Something like £1,859 will be required for the 32 clubs to pay £2 each of their eleven players from the first Saturday in February until April 25, and to agree to the proposal of the players the richer clubs will have to help their poorer brethren. Mr. Sutcliffe worked it out to get this £1,859 it would be necessary that the following clubs should undertake to pay the amounts named therewith: –
Everton and Liverpool, £284; Birmingham, Manchester City, Coventry City, £214 10s.; Sheffield United, Notts County, Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke, £143; Nottingham Forest £71 10s. – Total, £1,859.

The scheme put forward by Mr. Sutcliffe was agreed to with only one dissenting club. Mr. Tom Charnley will disburse the money to the needy clubs on the following basis: –
Huddersfield Town, Hull City, Lincoln City, Port Vale, Stockport County, Rotherham County, Preston North End, Bradford, £71 10s.; Barnsley, Grimsby Town, Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, Burnley, Bury, Oldham Athletic, Rochdale, Southport Vulcan, £143 . Total: £1,859.

So the players are to receive their £2 a week.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: January 15, 1919)

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