Preview: Coventry City v Hull City

January 31, 1919
To-morrow morning at 6.40 the “Tigers” will make their longest journey since League football was suspended. Six and a half hours in the train will not be conducive to the best fitness of the side when it takes the field at the cycle town, yet I am sufficiently optimistic to imagine that a further two points will be obtained by the “Tigers.”

The team will be changed in two positions from that match won at home. The absence from left-half of Jack Pattison will let in the young Lancashire Fusilier, Bleakley, who has become a member of the Hull City Club. Pattison’s absence is accounted for by a family bereavement.

The other change is S. Stevens for Lieutenant Lyons, the latter being unable to make the long journey.

Teams: –
Hull City: N. Hendry; A. Wigglesworth and A. Betts; G. Jacketts, J. Edelston, and Private Bleakley; R. Hughes, David Mercer, Sergeant Potter, S. Stevens, and J. Lee.

Coventry City: Lundon; Littlewood and Chaplin; Roberts, C. Buckley, and Bishop; Newman, Needham, Sambrooke, Lowes, and Middlesmiss.

Referee: Mr. T.F. Prescott.
(Source: Hull Daily Mail: January 31, 1919)

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