Blackpool v Liverpool 3-2 (League match: March 8, 1919)

March 8, 1919
Match: Lancashire Section, Primary Tournament, at Bloomfield Road.
Blackpool – Liverpool 3-2 (0-2).
Attendance: 4,000.
Referee: Mr. J. Twist (Preston).
Blackpool (2-3-5): Harry Mingay, Horace Fairhurst, Jimmy Jones, Harold Keenan, George Wilson, Bobby Boyd, Len Appleton, Jimmy Heathcote, Thomas Hunter, Eugene O’Doherty, Billy Rookes.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Harold Wadsworth, John Miller, Billy Matthews, Harry Lewis, Dick Birchall.
The goals: 0-1 Miller (6 min.), 0-2 Lewis (23 min.), 1-2 Own goal (Longworth, 48 min.), 2-2 Hunter, 3-2 O’Doherty (89 min.).

Blackpool’s crowning win.
That Blackpool should continue their run of success and beat Liverpool was a result that few Seasiders’ supporters hoped for; in fact there was every indication during the first half of the game that the visitors would win.

It was a game, altogether apart from the surprising result, that was full of interest from start to finish, and in the concluding few minutes the excitement of the four thousand spectators reach its zenith.

Stimulated by success Blackpool were determined to make a bold bid for further triumphs, and it was fortunate for them that they were able to call upon practically the same team, the only change being the welcome appearance, after three years’ active service, of Rookes, Berry being still on the sick list. Liverpool’s only change was the introduction of Birchall for Schofield, at outside left.

The outstanding feature of the early exchanges was the watchfulness of both sides. Liverpool in particular were extremely cautious, drawing on the home forwards with an alluring effect. Eventually with the ostentation they broke away and inside six minutes of the start Miller defeated Mungay with comparative ease by neatly diverting a low cross shot from Lewis. Seventeen minutes later the home custodian cleverly fisted away a flying shot, but Lewis caught the ball in the air and dashed it clean into the net.

An astonishing change was seen in the second half. Blackpool cast off their apathy and went about their work with commendable vigour. The half had only been in progress a couple of minutes when the home forwards made a spirited dash down the field, and from close range Rookes took aim at the goal. Longworth tried to intercept the flight of the ball but obscuring Campbell’s vision turned it into his own goal.

Blackpool’s equalising goal was a magnificent piece of work. Following upon a series of corners there came an exciting interlude in the visitors’ goal. The ball was bounded about by half a dozen or so heads, and the culminating point was reached when Hunter headed through high out of the reach of everyone.

Still Blackpool stuck energetically to their task, and in the last minute of the game O’Doherty defeated Campbell with a clever effort.

Blackpool deserved their victory. It is questionable if the team ever played a better all-round game. Mingay excelled himself on numerous occasions. The defence generally was sound and reliable, whilst the forwards were aggressive notwithstanding that Rookes was somewhat neglected by his partner in the early stages.

To say the least of it, Liverpool were completely taken by surprise, for their superiority in the opening half was most marked, whilst later they were beaten and bewildered at every turn.

With the exception of Longworth’s little slip, which gave Blackpool their first goal, no fault could be found with the defence, and Wadsworth and Matthews were the weakest in a strong and powerful line of attack.
(The Athletic News, 10-03-1919)

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