Liverpool’s Ephraim Longworth to captain England

April 14, 1919
Mr. J.C. Clegg presided at a meeting of the F.A. international Selection Committee on Monday evening, when the following were chosen to represent England against Scotland on the Everton ground on April 26: –
Sam Hardy (Aston Villa), goal; Ephraim Longworth (Liverpool) (capt.), and Fred Duckworth (Blackburn Rovers), backs; Tom Fleetwood (Everton), Joe McCall (Preston North End), and Arthur Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur), half backs; Robert Turnbull (Bradford) and Danny Shea (Blackburn Rovers), right wing; Syd Puddefoot (West Ham), centre; Joe Smith (Bolton Wanderers) and Harry Martin (Sunderland), left wing.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: April 15, 1919)

Ephraim Longworth.
Ephraim Longworth 1919

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