Big football figures

Saturday, May 10 – 1919
£150,710 in gate receipts last season.
Evidence of the return to popularity of football is forthcoming in the annual financial statement issued by the Football League secretary to-day. The total gate receipts for the season amounted to £150,710, against £69,539 last season.

In the Lancashire Section the receipts totalled £79,298, less than £18,318 paid in tax; in the Midland Section £71,412, less £16,749 entertainment tax.

The highest gate during April was £1,310 at the Liverpool v Everton match, this being the highest in the Lancashire or Midland Sections. There were two others over £1,000. There was only one gate below £100 in the Midland Section, and only three in the Lancashire Section, two being in mid-week matches. In April, twelve months ago, the gate receipts were only £4,000, and it is amazing that they should now have jumped to £30,600.
(Yorkshire Evening Post, 10-05-1919)

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