Riot in Liverpool

June 6, 1919
Five policemen and nine alien seamen injured
One negro was drowned, and five policemen and nine alien seamen injured, in a riot which occurred in Pitt-street, Liverpool, last night.

The cause of the disturbance was the stabbing of a negro on the previous day. A large number of negroes waited outside a public-house for a number of Russians and Danes. A free fight ensued, in which the negro was thrown into the Queen’s Dock by the incensed crowd. His body was subsequently recovered by the police.

During the fighting revolver shots were fired, and razors, bottles and sticks freely used. Two or three dozen policemen who were gathered together charged the fighters, and after a great struggle managed to separate the two fighting forces.

The injured who were taken to hospital included: –
P.C. Brown, shot in the mouth, serious condition.
Sergeant Gettie, cut head and concussion.
P.C. Fox, fractured arm.
P.C. Parkinson, cut face.
Emil Huroneu, severe cuts on the head.
Jacob Eming, cut head.
Thomas Johannson, severecuts.
John Marchovitch, severe cuts.

At the Police-Court to-day, 13 coloured men were charged with attempting to murder three police officers and with riotously assembling. Many of the accused were bandaged. Only evidence of arrest was given, and the prisoners were remanded.

The injured policeman who was shot in the head is in critical condition.
(Lancashire Evening Post: June 6, 1919)

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