Liverpool F.C. signings for next season

June 17, 1919
Yesterday Liverpool F.C.’s balance-sheet was made known. To-day I can make known – first, as with the Everton list recently – some of the names of the players engaged for the serious season 1919-20.

Kenneth Campbell and Elisha Scott are the goalkeepers signed. At full-back we shall see Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, Tommy Lucas and others, but may not see Sam Speakman. At half-back the names read: – John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Frank Checkland, Donald Mackinlay; forward the list shows Harold Wadsworth, Albert Pearson, Fred Pagnam, Tommy Bennett, Harry Chambers, Harry Lewis.

William Banks, Charles Hafekost, and others have not been signed, and it seems strange, after the Buchan-like work displayed by Hafekost on a recent occasion that his name should be posted among the “missing.” Lucas, it is believed, will be all right for the season after his long rest – he was most unlucky in that a simple injury at Hyde Road ruined his chance of participating for over a season in the club’s games – and what a game he was playing when he got his unlucky blow!

Bennett’s case is another of the same kind. Bennett has had to rest his knee-joint for a long spell. It would be a thousand pities if a centre of his dash, contre, and shot were to cut short. Pagnam’s return I am glad to see, because he has played a lot of football in the season just closed, having helped Irish and London clubs. Pagnam was one of those who participated in the Irish troubles – the football troubles, I mean. He was just about to score in a Cup-tie when an excited Irishman aimed a brick at him, and his aim was all too true, too! They have “a way with them” in Ireland, and no error.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 17, 1919)

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