Liverpool F.C.: An early look into next season

June 24, 1919
Liverpool adopted the right attitude at the right moment. They did not wait and see. They went out and brought back youngsters and risked nothing by playing them. Extended was the juniors’ trial, and the result has been that they have come into peace-time football with ready-made good – follows who have been welding together for the last three years and have still youth on their side. They have made finds during the war period, and will, to my mind, have the lasting benefits that can be derived from first finding a good lad, and, secondly, encouraging him to better class football.

Their forward line is, and will be for some time, the youngest combine in the League – all are young men, the eldest 23, the youngest 18. Blend these with the soldiers returned home, and it will be seen that the attack will be swift and hearty. They did not sign Charles Hafekost, who is playing after Buchan’s pattern, but they got a lump of an Irishman in Harry Chambers.

Another Irishman, Elisha Scott, will return to the side, so that the club will have two of Ireland’s capped goalkeepers – brothers William and Elisha scott – and one who ought by now to have been capped by Scotland – Kenneth Campbell. Liverpool have ever found cheap and valued goalkeepers, and the season finds them well equipped in this respect.

At full-back they have fair strength, but by December there may be some bellows to mend, hence the need of the return of Tommy Lucas and Co. At half-back Walter Wadsworth and Donald Mackinlay are at their best point, and John Bamber pleases by his solidity.

Forward there is need for more weight and height, and it is good, therefore, that Fred Pagnam, who has been playing for Chelsea and Arsenal, is back among his people again. Tommy Bennett, off for many weeks through injury, is hopeful of righting his trouble, and with John Miller, a fiery Scot dribbler, William Lacey, Ireland’s best, and some locals, Liverpool need not to go about chasing for known players. They want the young idea, and will go on looking for it, too, in the early months of the season.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 24, 1919)

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