Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1919 (Liverpool Echo)

June 25, 1919
Chairman of Liver club’s decision.
Suspensions erased.
Players signed for Anfield oncoming season.
At the meeting of the Liverpool Football Club last night, at the Law Association rooms, it was announced that former suspensions of players would be erased.

Mr. John McKenna, chairman of the club for the last two years, by express invitation of the directors, made known the signing of players for next season, and in the list appeared the names of Jack Sheldon, Robert Pursell, and Tom Miller, who were suspended in connection with the match of 1915 v. Manchester United.

The list of players signed is as follows:
Kenny Campbell and Elisha Scott, goal; Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, Tommy Lucas, Bob Pursell, and Jim Penman, backs; John Bamber, Tom Bromilow, Frank Checkland, William Lacey, Donald Mackinlay, Harry Lowe, and Walter Wadsworth, halves; Tommy Bennett, Harry Chambers, Arnold Dagnall (Prescot), Harry Lewis, Billy Matthews, Fred Pagnam, John Miller, Tom Miller, Percy Newman and Harold Wadsworth, forwards.

There was some comment that no dividend was allocated, but Mr. McKenna pointed out that although they had made a profit of over £1,000 on the year, mortgages swallowed up most of it and left them with but £100 odd in the bank. Mr. McKenna said that meet would be the last over which he would preside, as he was vacating the position of chairman, and he thanked his directors for the way they had helped him in the past. He would still remain a director, but would need to give up the post of chairman of the board.

In presenting the balance sheet and report and moving its adoption, Mr. McKenna spoke of the brilliant exhibition by which the team triumphed in the Lancashire Cup Final and paid a tribute to the worth of William Scott, who came to the club’s aid when they were sorely in need of a goalkeeper. Had they had William Scott from the start of the season, he said, they should have fought for first place rather than finish third.

He had hopes that the Football Association would amend the rule regarding dividend payments in the near future, so that cumulative payments could be made. The Football Association had already stated that they had altered the ruling, deleting the words “per annum” to “in any year,” and he believed they would go further.

Messrs. Simon Jude and West were re-elected auditors, and Messrs. Edward Askew Bainbridge, Thomas Crompton and William Robert Williams were re-elected directors.

Thanks were voted to the chairman and to the players for the loyal assistance, and to Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright and Ramsdell, who were in charge of the collections for footballs for soldiers. It was stated that during four years a sum of over £1,000 had been raised by these gentlemen, and that the club had paid out in a similar period to needy clubs a sum of £4,140.
(Liverpool Echo: June 26, 1919)


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