Bowling match revived

June 30, 1919
North End directors v Liverpool F.C. directors
A custom instituted by the late Mr. T. Houghton, a North End director, and the late Mr. Tom Watson, former secretary of Liverpool F.C. was revived yesterday, after being in abeyance during the war, the directors of the two clubs being opposed in a bowling match on the Fulwood Bowling Club’s Green.

Mr. J. Milne, of North End, was absent through indisposition, and the local side included officials and friends of the club, whilst Tom Charnley, the Football League secretary, appeared on the side of the visitors. The games resulted as follows; –

Messrs. John McKenna, 15; Thomas Crompton, 15; William Robert Williams, 15; Albert Worgan, 13; John Asbury, 9; William Coward Briggs, 15; Edward Askew Bainbridge, 15; H. Whale, 10; John Keating 6; George Patterson, 7; Richard Lawson Martindale, 11; Tom Charnley, 7; Total 138.

North End.
Messrs. W.E. Ord, 4; T. Pearson, 13; T. Croft, 14; H. Rhodes, 15; W. Bertwistle, 15; G.H. Ramsbottom, 9; W. Pomfret, 14; J.L. Turner, 15; L.W. Knight, 15; V. Hayes, 15; J.L. Taylor, 15; H. Heaton, 15; Total 159.

The North End directors were also successful in the doubles, winning four games to two and scoring 99 to 96. Subsequently the party had tea at the White Horse Restaurant.

In reply to the toast of “The Visitors,” proposed by Alderman Ord, chairman of North End, Mr. McKenna, who in addition to being president of the League, is chairman of the Anfield Club, spoke of the prosperous future before the game, remarking that enterprise in the part of the clubs and their consideration for the players would be amply repaid.
(Source: Lancashire Evening News: July 1, 1919)


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