Season preview 1919-20: Liverpool F.C. (Star Green ‘un: August 23, 1919)

August 23, 1919
Liverpool’s faith in youth
The goal-keepers will not give any anxiety, for Kenneth Campbell and Elisha Scott earned fame long ago. At back there’s a good bunch to choose from, namely, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, Tommy Lucas, Robert Pursell and Jim Penman, and some notable work is expected from a vigorous lot of forwards. The list is Tommy Bennett, Harry Chambers, Arnold Dagnall (Prescot), Harry Lewis, Billy Matthews, Fred Pagnam, John Miller, Tom Miller, Percy Newman, Albert Pearson, Jack Sheldon and Harold Wadsworth. The better known of these are Bennett, Newman, Pagnam, the Millers, and Sheldon.

Sheldon, Pursell and T. Miller, of course, are the players who were suspended in connection with the match of 1915 v. Manchester United, and some surprise was caused when the club announced that the players had had their suspension removed, and had been signed on.

The half-backs, by the way, are a useful lot, being John Bamber, Tom Bromilow, Frank Checkland, William Lacey, Donald Mackinlay, Harry Lowe and Walter Wadsworth.
(Star Green ‘un: August 23, 1919)

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