Season preview 1919-20: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 25, 1919
During the last four years the directors of the Liverpool Club have been specialising in the local product, and as a direct consequence of this policy they have now at their disposal the services of several young players of considerable promise. Seventeen of the thirty players engaged by the club were born in the County Palatine and only half a dozen hail from Scotland – a change indeed from the experience of Liverpool’s early years in football.

Of the pre-war players, Arthur Metcalf will figure in the Stockport team; Jimmy McDougall and James Scott, have returned to Scotland; Thomas Fairfoull, Jimmy Nicholl, and William Banks will not be seen at Anfield again, and the League team will be changed in three or four positions compared with the eleven which represented the club in April, 1915.

Elisha Scott and William Lacey have returned from Ireland, whilst Bob Pursell, Jack Sheldon, and Tom Miller are now at liberty to resume football. Harry Lowe, the one-time captain, has left the Nottingham mines, and Fred Pagnam has finished with the Army. Kenneth Campbell is also demobilised, and William Banks has also returned.

Quite a goodly array of capable recruits can be mentioned. Lucas, a full-back from Peasley Cross, proved a fine partner for Ephraim Longworth until an injury to his knee kept him out of football nearly all last season. A successful operation, however, has entirely removed the trouble, and he is quite fit again.

John Bamber; a right half-back from the same colliery village, is a capital player, whilst Harry Lewis, an inside left from Birkenhead, and John Miller – brother of Tom – will have serious claims for admission to the first team.

But perhaps the greatest discovery made by the club was the acquisition of Tommy Bennett – centre forward – who scored 51 goals in 41 matches in 1917-18. Unfortunately he was injured on the knee last winter, but without having had to undergo an operation he is now quite sound, and ready to play.

In addition to these ambitious men, who have all given evidence of recognised ability there are Billy Jenkinson, a left full back, who played for South Liverpool; Frank Checkland, who is a master at St. Francis Xavier’s College and a more than useful half-back; Harry Chambers and Dick Forshaw, inside forwards from the Belfast and Middlesbrough respectively; Billy Matthews, a big centre forward from Wales; Harold Wadsworth, brother of the centre half-back; and a Prescot youth named Arnold Dagnall; Albert Pearson, an outside left was secured last year from Port Vale.

In the practice match last Monday Pursell broke his arm and will not be able to play for several weeks.

Player Birthplace Position Height Weight
K. Campbell Glasgow Goalkeeper 5 11 11 10
E. Scott Belfast Goalkeeper 5 9 1/2 10 3
E. Longworth Bolton Right back 5 8 1/2 11 6
W. Jenkinson Golbourne Left back 5 9 1/2 11 6
R. Pursell Campbelltown Left back 5 11 1/2 11 10
T. Lucas Peasley Cross Left back 5 6 10 7
J. Penman Kilty Right back 5 8 1/2 12 0
J. Stansfield Liverpool Right back 5 10 1/2 11 6
S. Speakman Huyton Quarry Right back 5 8 1/2 11 4
W. Lacey Wexford Right half 5 9 1/2 12 4
H.C. Lowe Whitwell Centre half 5 10 12 7
D. Mackinlay Newton Left half 5 9 11 9
J. Bamber Peasley Cross Right half 5 9 1/2 11 9
W. Wadsworth Bootle Centre half 5 11 11 2
F.J. Checkland Seaforth Left half 5 7 10 10
T. Bromilow Liverpool Right half 5 9 11 7
A. Robertson Liverpool Centre half 5 11 1/2 12 3
J. Sheldon Clay Cross Outside right 5 6 10 3
H. Chambers Willington Inside right 5 9 1/2 13 2
W. Banks Ashington Inside right 5 6 1/2 11 6
F. Pagnam Blackpool Centre forward 5 9 12 6
R. Forshaw Widnes Inside left 5 10 11 10
H. Lewis Birkenhead Inside left 5 6 1/2 11 6
T. Miller Motherwell Inside left 5 9 11 10
J. Miller Motherwell Centre forward 5 9 1/2 10 11
W. Matthews Plas Bennim Centre forward 6 1 1/2 12 8
T. Bennett Walton Centre forward 5 7 1/2 10 11
A. Pearson Hebburn-on-Tyne Outside left 5 8 1/2 10 10
H. Wadsworth Bootle Outside right 5 6 10 2
P. Newman Bootle Centre forward 5 8 10 2
A. Dagnall Prescot Outside left 5 6 1/2 9 11

(Athletic News:August 25, 1919)

Picture 1919 Liverpool

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