The first team sheets of the season

August 28, 1919
Liverpool and Bradford City’s choice favours:
Liverpool: Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, William Lacey, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Jack Sheldon, Harry Chambers, Fred Pagnam, Harry Lewis, Albert Pearson.
Bradford City: Jock Ewart, Fred Potts, Irvine Boocock, Joe Hargreaves, Charlie Storer, Jimmy McIlvenny, Dickie Bond, Oscar Fox, Jimmy Marshall, Gilbert Kemp, George Handley.

Liverpool’s list reveals the re-appearance of Lacey, Pagnam, and Sheldon of the older school, although, of course, Campbell is in reality a revival. The appearance of the backs and Mackinlay was a foregone conclusion, but the try of Chambers, the Irish forward, is somewhat of a surprise in view of the way William Banks played last weekend.

Bradford City shows little alteration to pre-war days. The right-back post will a bother, but was given to Petts, who often partnered Boocock before the war. The only change in the half-back line is that Storer fills the late Bob Torrance’s place. Storer, has been playing well in that position for Leicester Fosse for the past two or three seasons. He was originally a centre-forward for Bradford City. Kemp is, of course, a former Oldham and Wallasey player, while Handley returns to Valley Parade after a few seasons with Southampton and Sheffield.

Liverpool Reserves, at home to Bradford City Reserves (Central League), play: Elisha Scott, Sam Speakman, Jim Penman, John Bamber, Tom Bromilow, Frank Checkland, Harold Wadsworth, William Banks, John Miller, Dick Forshaw and Arnold Dagnall – a hot combination in many respects, but deficient here and there.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 28, 1919)

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