Liverpool face Dickie Bond & Co

September 5, 1919
Locally, we have the Yorkshire side which Liverpool has already beaten. They told me in Bradford to watch Marshall, the centre forward, and I pass the counter-design to you. There are others at Anfield to-morrow who will want watching, for they are always prickly, none more so than fiery Dickie Bond, who rumour says was “napping” when the Germans walked up and forced surrender.

Bradford City’s team shows no change from the side that whacked Preston. So Anfield must recognise that they have no walk over. It should be a very tough tussle, and I think Anfield will have an enormous crowd to see the following contestants: –

Liverpool. – Kenneth Campbell, Sam Speakman, Billy Jenkinson, William Lacey, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Jack Sheldon, Harry Chambers, Fred Pagnam, Harry Lewis, Albert Pearson.

Bradford City. – Jock Ewart, Fred Potts, Irvine Boocock, Joe Hargreaves, Charlie Storer, Jimmy McIlvenny, Dickie Bond, Oscar Fox, Jimmy Marshall, Peter Quinn, Horace Norton.

Liverpool Reserves team. – Elisha Scott, Jim Penman, Jimmy Stansfield, John Bamber, Frank Checkland, Tom Bromilow, Harold Wadsworth, Tom Miller, John Miller, Dick Forshaw, Arnold Dagnall.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: September 5, 1919)

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