Welsh professional players

September 12, 1919
The list of professional players registered with the Welsh F.A. to august 31st, is as follows: –

William Austin, Abertillery;
William Chamberlain, Merthyr Town;
James Nock, Merthyr Town;
Charles Probert, Merthyr Town;
Arthur E. Sutton, Abertillery;

Fred Boxley, Wrexham;
Ed. G. Brown, Merthyr Town;
Charles Brookes, Abertillery;
Harry Davies, Merthyr Town;
Reuben J. Davis, Abertillery;

Teddy Dimmick, Abertillery;
Bert Goode, Wrexham;
William George, Merthyr Town;
Thomas Gibbon, Merthyr Town;
Sidney Ireland, Merthyr Town;

Harry Jackson, Abertillery;
T.J. Mathias, Wrexham;
Daniel E. Roberts, Wrexham;
Herbert Turner, Merthyr Town;
William Chivers, Merthyr Town;

Patrick Cassidy, Cardiff City;
Ted Dalton, Cardiff City;
William Grimshaw, Cardiff City;
Henry Holder, Merthyr Town;
Sid Hughes, Wrexham;

Charles F. Leigh, Abertillery;
Patrick Martin, Abertillery;
Thomas Owens, Wrexham;
William Thomas, Merthyr Town;
John William Yarwood, Merthyr Town;

Robert Armstrong, Aberaman Athletic;
Frederick A. Burch, Swansea Town;
R.C. Brittain, Cardiff City;
George Beare, Cardiff City;
Albert Barnett, Cardiff City;

Albert Brookes, Newport County;
Richard Barnacle, Newport County;
Clifford Britton, Abertillery;
Ivor Brown, Swansea Town;
William Ball, Swansea Town;

John Bell, Wrexham;
Joseph Bache, Mid Rhondda;
James Collins, Swansea Town;
William Cartwright, Swansea Town;
Joseph Clarke, Cardiff City.

Edward Collins, Newport County;
John Cooper, Newport County;
William H. Camm, Abertillery;
James Carmichael, Mid Rhondda;
John Denoon, Swansea Town;

John Durning, Swansea Town;
William Davidson, Cardiff City;
Harry Dobson, Newport County;
Harry Denman, Caerphilly;
John Dunne, Mid Rhondda;

David J. Evans, Swansea Town;
John Evans, Cardiff City;
Ernest A. Edwards, Merthyr Town;
David Evans, Mid Rhondda;
William. B. Gaughan, Newport County;

George Groves, Newport County;
Robert Griffiths, Wrexham;
Thomas John Hewitt, Swansea Town;
W.J. Hole, Swansea Town;
Fred M. Harris, Swansea Town;

Clement Heath, Swansea Town;
Henry Harvey, Cardiff City;
Henry Harris, Newport County;
L.H. Hopkins, Cardiff City;
W.C. Hewitt, Cardiff City;

Alfred G. Hillman, Abertillery;
Alexander Houston, Swansea Town;
Wilfred Hopkinson, Mid Rhonnda;
Charles Jones, Cardiff City;
William Thomas Jenkins, Aberman Athletic;

Bert J. Johnson, Swansea Town;
Evan Jones, Swansea Town;
Gilbert Jarman, Caerphilly;
Edward Jones, Newport County;
David Jones, Mid Rhondda;

F.C. Keenor, Cardiff City;
Justin Kneeshaw, Cardiff City;
Samuel D. Keenan, Abertillery;
Albert Ed. Langford, Merthyr Town;
Wilfred Lockley, Newport County;

E.A. Leighton, Cardiff City;
George Latham, Cardiff City;
Frederick Lovell, Caerphilly;
John Lewis, Wrexham;
John A. Lloyd, Swansea Town;

John Mann, Newport County;
William H. Mayo, Newport County;
Joseph Mitchell, Wrexham;
Charles Murray, Pontypridd;
Donald McCullum, Mid Rhondda;

H. Moody, Mid Rhondda;
William Ogley, Swansea Town;
William Pillinger, Aberaman Athletic;
Charles Ed. Pinch, Swansea Town;
Frank Pattison, Mid Rhondda;

Frederick Robson, Swansea Town;
William Richard, Newport County;
Mark B. Rouse, Caerphilly;
Idris Thomas Rees, Pontypridd;
Frederick Sheldon, Swansea Town;

Alexander Stewart, Cardiff City;
George Savage, Newport County;
Charles Stevens, Abertillery;
David Smith, Abertillery;
Ernest Ed. Smith, Cardiff City;

William Smith, Merthyr Town;
Lawrence H. Steer, Caerphilly;
William J. Sullivan, Merthyr Town;
William Simpson, Pontypridd;
James Seed, Mid Rhondda;

Ralph Terry, Abertillery;
John Tudor, Caerphilly;
Lewis Williams, Treharris Athletic;
Joseph Walton, Swansea Town;
George West, Cardiff City;

Sidney H. Wilson, Pontypridd;
E.H. Wordley, Pontypridd;
Thomas Yule, Swansea Town;
Tom Warren, Mid Rhondda;
Jack Brown, Mid Rhondda;

Philip Baker, Abertillery;
William Coles, Abertillery;
Frederick Lewis, Merthyr Town;
Benjamin O. Male, Abertillery;
William Purnell; Abertillery;

Sam Woodland, Abertillery;
Jonah C. Wilcox, Abertillery;
Allen Banks, Abertillery;
Herbert Cox, Abertillery;
William J. Robins, Abertillery;

David S. Nicholls, Merthyr Town;
Rees. G. Benyon, Merthyr Town;
David T. Jones, Merthyr Town;
Abraham Rees, Merthyr Town;
David Rees, Merthyr Town;

William I. Sarvis, Merthyr Town;
Herbert Sheppard, Abertillery;
Rees D. Williams, Merthyr Town.
(Llangollen Advertiser: September 12, 1919)

George Beare, Cardiff City (formerly with Everton F.C.):

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