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November 15, 1919
Liverpool: Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, William Lacey, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Jack Sheldon, Dick Forshaw, Harry Chambers, Harry, Albert Pearson.
Bradford Park Avenue: Ernie Scattergood, Sam Blackham, Wally Dickinson, Joe Crozier, David Howie, Jack Scott, Bobby Turnbull, Tommy Little, David McLean, Jimmy Bauchop, Jack McCandless.

Anfield caught the sun otherwise the players would have had a very trying time, the night’s frost being very severe. The home side was selected, and no change was the order, but Bradford expected to make changes and brought fourteen men to the city. The afternoon’s brightness and the prospect of seeing Liverpool win at home – for a change – brought a big crowd to the Anfield slope.

The ground was snow-capped and most treacherous, being hard and icy, and altogether an abomination to the player. Good football was bound to be out of the question, and the hope that the refereeing would not be likewise was soon damaged, as Mr. Pardoe and his linesmen pulled up Lewis for offside when the forward seemed a yard onside.

The players could not wheel round at will, and a fall was a thing to be guarded against. So difficult was ball control that Blackham nearly put through his own goal. Shooting was irregular and erratic, as it was bound to be in such circumstances, but in five minutes Forshaw scored with a low shot, and thanked Pearson for making a way for him.

Pearson went over to the centre of the field, and never losing control of the ball, which he left on the turf, he dribbled on and on almost to excess, but he parted company at a convenient moment to Forshaw, who wasted no time about shooting.

Later on in the game Pearson edged to the centre again and delivered a high and strong shot to Scattergood, whose save was confident and clean. Pearson was such a thorny problem that Crozier delivered a full-fledged foul on the winger, a free kick inches outside the penalty area being poor punishment for an offence tinged with venom.

Mackinlay’s free kick was a beauty, but it was inches wide. Wretched was the football that followed, for it was full of temper and danger. The referee had sufficient cause to administer a wholesale caution for offences that occurred under his nose, yet he took them as though they were handling cases.

Pearson foolishly struck out at Crozier, Lewis and Turnbull attempted to kick each other, and were in the act of kicking when the referee came upon the scene. Blackham fouled Pearson and received a caution, only to be followed Lewis being spoken to for an offence on Blackham.

All this time the best forward in the Bradford side had been McCandless, so that with Pearson as Liverpool’s best forward the outside left claimed the honours of the day.

It was one of many centres from McCandless that brought Bradford their equaliser. Jenkinson handling the ball in the penalty area, and Turnbull, who was lame, scored with a nice rising shot.

Crozier was knocked out for a moment by a ball that caught him full in the mouth, and Turnbull, just before the interval, went off the field for a time. Considering the elements the shooting of the home side was excellent, and Scattergood’s fielding was as safe as the Liverpool backs were unsafe.

Campbell, however had little to field, and it was nothing but his good tactics that prevented Bradford taking the lead. It happened in this way. Jenkinson trying to kick clear cannoned the ball on McLean, who had an open way to goal. Campbell came out of his goal six or seven yards and made McLean shoot. McLean cannily summed up the situation and lofted the ball over Campbell’s head, a capital idea that had no result as a consequence of the ball passing inches too high.

As soon as filthy tactics and temper were dropped play improved and Bauchop was baulked twice, one beautiful shot being made the subject of a one-handed save by Campbell, and the next a header rebounding from the weight. Eventually Chambers got a chance similar to that of which favoured McLean. His shot was half saved by Scattergood, but Pearson running up easily scored a goal that pleased the locals.

Half-time: Liverpool 2, Bradford 1.

The referee turned the players straight round without interval and instantly Mackinlay drove in a smashing shot that Scattergood edged away, the goalkeeper a second later having to put away a cross shot by Chambers, and yet a third time to get rid of an awkward situation from a corner and a header.

Scattergood found it awkward to move easily in the goal pitch, and when Sheldon sent wide, he was slow to go across the goal mouth, and although Forshaw’s goal from Sheldon’s centre was another nail in Bradford’s coffin, it wasn’t a goal to enthuse about.

Pearson and Bauchop scooped the ball wide and Blackham, trying to pass back to his goalkeeper, turned the ball very wide, and when Scattergood went to gather it the ball kicked against something and turned yards nearer to the goal.

An hour’s play and the crowd saw the margin reduced to 3-2 from another of the centres by McCandless.

Unfortunately in the melee Jenkinson injured his knee and had to retire, Mackinlay becoming full-back and Lewis a half-back.

In view of Liverpool’s handicap it seemed folly that Sheldon should, after beating his man once, attempt to do overtime against the same opponent. Sheldon paid the penalty.

For a long time play had kept clean, but again Crozier introduced a wretched trip on Pearson, who, in the next second retaliated with an equally nasty trip. Until now McLean had had but one show, and at this point his shot was not taken comfortably or confidently by Campbell.

The dirty settlement now grew apace, and the referee took no measure other than to put his whistle to his mouth, and then, without using it, take it from his mouth. I do not remember a match in which so many barefaced hacking and kicking cases have passed without objection from the referee.

Near the finish McCandless had a good chance to make the game all square, and for the short range at which he took the shot should not have missed.

McLean equalised with a fine first-time drive, following some clever work on the Bradford left wing.

Result: Liverpool 3, Bradford 3.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: November 15, 1919)


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