Happy birthday Charles Crump

December 15, 1919
Mr. Charles Crump of Wolverhampton, one of the best-known figures in the football world, celebrated his eightieth birthday on Monday.

Mr. Crump was born at Kingsland, near Leominster, on December 15, 1840. In 1852 or 1853 his parents removed to Shrewsbury, and in march, 1857, Mr. Charles Crump came to live in Wolverhampton. He rose in the service of the Great Western Railway Co. to the position of chief clerk at Stafford-road Works.

He tells the tale of how football was introduced into Wolverhampton. The old Stafford-road Club originated through a band of athletically-inclined young fellows. After indulging in games of bandy, the forerunner of hockey, they conceived the idea of trying what fun they could extract from football. They played in a field adjoining the Sandbeds, near Bushberry Church, using a pile of coals for goals.

Organisation followed, and the Stafford-road Club was established. The first game played by the “Roaders” was with Wednesbury Old Athletic in a field opposite the Horse and Jockey at Wood Green in 1871 or 1872.

Mr. Crump was a playing member from then until 1881, and captained Stafford-road against Old Etonians in the memorable English Cup tie at Fox’s Lane, when the Hon. A. F. Kinnaird, who, as Lord Kinnaird, is now President of the F.A., was skipper of the visiting side.

In 1880 Stafford-road won the Wednesbury Charity Cup, and in July of that year the club presented Mr. Crump with an illuminated address, accompanied by a tea and coffee service. Other presentations came the way of Mr. Crump, and among his treasures is a medal marking his services rendered to the Birmingham and District Football Association.

He was appointed President of that body on its formation in 1875, and still holds that position.
(Llangollen Advertiser: December 19, 1919)

Charkes Crump.


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