Blackpool beaten at Anfield

February 26, 1920
Blackpool Reserves, in visiting Anfield, yesterday, met a club that is on a wave of success and has a fund of resource to far as reserve players are concerned. Blackpool started so well that they seemed likely to spring a surprise, but the sting was taken out of their efforts before the interval.

At that point nothing was scored, but later Dick Johnson and John Miller scored, and Blackpool were a well-beaten side all though the second half. The visiting forwards, as a line, were out of touch, and could not break down Robert Pursell’s defence, even though veteran Harry Lowe was playing against them.

The game, after being poor for half an hour, developed into a keen and stern exhibition. Credit is due to Jack hacking, the Blackpool goalkeeper, who was safe and clean in his work. His backs, Joe Bainbridge and Peter Gavin, lent valuable aid, and the half-backs worked hard, though they did not always use the ball well.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: February 26, 1920)

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