England v Scotland 5-4 (International: April 10, 1920)

April 10, 1920
International: British Championships, at Hillsborough (Sheffield).
England – Scotland 5-4 (2-4).
Attendance: 35,000.
Referee: Mr. Thomas Dougray (Scotland).
England (2-3-5): Sam Hardy (Aston Villa), Ephraim Longworth (Liverpool), Jesse Pennington (Captain, West Bromwich ), Andy Ducat (Aston Villa), Joe McCall (Preston North End), Arthur Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur), Charles Wallace (Aston Villa), Bob Kelly (Burnley), John Cock (Chelsea), Fred Morris (West Bromwich), Alf Quantrill (Derby County).
Scotland (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell (Liverpool), Alex McNair (Captain, Celtic), James Blair (Sheffield Wednesday), James Bowie (Glasgow Rangers), Wilf Low (Newcastle United), James Gordon (Glasgow Rangers), Alex Donaldson (Bolton Wanderers), Tommy Miller (Liverpool), Andrew Wilson (Dunfermline Athletic), Jock Paterson (Leicester City), Alex Troup (Dundee).
The goals: 1-0 Cook (9 min.), 1-1 Miller (13 min.), 2-1 Quantrill (15 min.), 2-2 Wilson (21 min.), 2-3 Donaldson (31 min.), 2-4 Miller (40 min.), 3-4 Kelly (57 min.), 4-4 Morris (67 min.), 5-4 Kelly (73 min.).

Tommy Miller, Liverpool F.C.
Tommy Miller Liverpool F.C.


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