Everton Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 1-3 (Liverpool Cup: April 21, 1920)

April 21, 1920
Match: Liverpool Senior Cup, Semi Final, at Goodison Park.
Everton Reserves ā€“ Liverpool Reserves 1-3 (0-2).
Everton Reserves (2-3-5): Mitchell, Sam Chedgzoy, Blair, Wall, Williams, Donnachie.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Baker, Billy Jenkinson, John McNab, Harry Lewis, Johnson,
The goals: 0-1 Lewis, 0-2 Johnson, 1-2 Wall, 1-3 Johnson.

Liverpool Cup Semi-Final
At Goodison Park. Liverpool winning the toss, had the assistance of wind and sun, with the result that Mitchell was called upon to save three smart shots in as many minutes. It was a long time before Everton could get going, and Chedgzoy gained a corner, from which Baker brought off a smart save from Blair, and Jenkinson was lucky in clearing another fine attempt by Wall. Liverpool had a turn of pressure, and one good attempt by Jenkinson to get through was frustrated by Williams, who played a strong defensive game. Liverpool were the first to score. McNab placed the ball to Lewis, who gave Mitchell no chance. After this reverse Everton forced the game, and Donnachie hit the bar with Baker well beaten. Johnson scored a second for Liverpool, who led at half-time by 2 goals to 0.
In the second half the early play was mostly in favour of Everton, and Wall sent in the shot of the match, Baker tipping the ball over. Shortly afterwards Wall scored. Liverpool towards the end had matters much their own way, and the home backs, blundering badly, let in Johnson who scored.
(Liverpool Daily Post: April 22, 1920)

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