Blackpool’s team selection for Liverpool battle

May 7, 1920
In connection with the Lancashire Football Cup Competition, semi-final ties will be decided tomorrow. The kick-off in each case is at three o’clock. The contestants are Blackpool, who are at home to Liverpool (referee, Mr. A. Pellowe, Oldham), whilst Manchester United entertain Burnley (referee, Mr. A. Cahill, Liverpool).

After the game at Old Trafford, a committee will meet to fix the ground on which the final is to be decided a week tomorrow. This year the clubs concerned receive one-third of the gate-receipts.

The Blackpool team was chosen this morning as follows: – Harry Mingay, Bert Tulloch, Horace Fairhurst, Lawrie Baker, Fred Halstead, Pat Burke, John Charles, Jimmy Heathcote, Thomas Hunter, Sandy McGinn, and Billy Rooks. The latter player thus takes the position he filled so satisfactorily last Saturday against Nottingham Forest. The absence of Harold Keenan and Jack Sibbald from the team is due to the fact that neither of them have yet re-signed. Halstead will take Keenan’s place at centre half, whilst Hunter leads the attack.
(Lancashire Evening Post: May 7, 1920)


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